Bathroom and Toilet

We have a range of products especially designed for the bathroom and toilet. Whether you want something for around the house, or for a hotel, motel, club or retaurant.

Most of these products come in 1, 5 and 20 litre sizes.


A cleaner/disinfectant with pine oil giving a strong pine perfume. This product can be used for general cleaning and is especially good for use in bathroom and toilet areas.


A crème cleanser for baths, showers, basins, stainless steel sinks and similar surfaces.


A multi-purpose and versatile heavy-duty cleaner. This product can be diluted to different strengths to allow for uses such as:

  • cleaning of heavily-soiled greasy surfaces
  • use as a laundry pre-spray
  • spot cleaning carpets
  • removing smoke stains from walls
  • removal of printing ink
  • cleaning tiles and laminates
  • kitchen cleaning
  • washing cars and trucks
  • washing house exteriors and floors
  • window and glass washing
  • cleaning stainless steel and chrome.


A versatile cleaner and disinfectant available in Boronia perfume. This amazing product cleans, sanitises and deodorises. Recommended for floors, walls, ceilings, showers, toilet areas and kitchens.

Liquid Hand Soap

Basic Green

A handwash for normal handwashing in kitchen, laundry and bathroom areas.

Pinky and Pinky Purple

For normal handwashing in kitchen, laundry and bathroom areas, but more luxurious than Basic Green. Pinky has a rose fragrance while Pinky Puple has a plum fragrance.


For normal handwashing in kitchens, laundry and bathroom areas. Higher quality.


This handwash is especially good in toilet areas with germ-killing agents and a eucalyptus perfume.

Window Cleaner

Spray on/wipe off with a clean cloth or paper towel to clean windows and mirrors. The product is ready to use, with no need to dilute it.


A disinfectant and germicide for general disinfecting. The product is available in available in Lemongrass, Rose, Lavender, Boronia and Fruitti perfumes.


A room spray for freshening, with a pleasant perfume. Available in Lemongrass, Rose, Lavender, Fruitti and Vanilla perfumes.


This product is for use in chemical toilets. Use 60ml to 5 litres of water.


An acid-based toilet and urinal cleaner. Excellent for uric acid build up and for toilets using bore water.

Bleach - Industrial

A powerful 50% bleach that is strong and versatile.

Scale Remover

For descaling dishwashers, water lines, shower heads and pipes. Removes mineral build up.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available for all products we manufacture. Please contact us for more information.