Catering products

A selection from our range of catering productsWhether you run a motel, hotel, club or restaurant, or even if you are planning a private party, we can help with your catering needs. We stock an extensive range of products including:

Paper bags

We have white and brown paper bags in all shapes and sizes, including twisted handle carry bags.

Plastic bags

We have plastic bags in all sizes and styles, including resealable bags, clear bags, freezer bags, garbage bags, kitchen tidy bags, ice bags, and carry bags.

Cold drink cups

We have cold drink cups in many sizes and styles in both plastic and paper, including stemmed wine glasses, milkshake and thickshake cups with lids.

We also have straws.

Hot drink cups

We have hot drink cups in foam and triple-wall paper suited to coffee, tea and other hot beverages. We also have sipper lids to suit, and wooden stirrers.

Takeaway food containers

We have round and rectangular microwavable plastic containers with lids in various sizes. We also have foam trays, foam takeaway food containers, brown board clams, and foil containers as well as lots more.

Table supplies

We have everying thing you need for the table, from tablecloth paper on rolls  white placemats, doyleys, serviettes (1 and 2 ply luncheon, and 2 ply dinner). And of course there are plastic plates in a range of sizes, and plastic cutlery in both normal and heavy duty.

Food wraps

We have cling wraps, heavy duty foil and baking paper as well as white news wrapping paper, tissue paper and grease proof paper.

Portion control

We stock enveloped tea bags, sugar sticks, coffee sticks, squeeze on tomato and BBQ sauce. We can also get Vegemite, jams, butters and milk portions.

Motel supplies

We have mini soaps, shampoos, conditioners, body washes and shower caps available, along with glass bags, sanitary bags and cutlery bags. Plus there is lots more in store.

Other catering supplies

We can get in just about anything you need. Please contact us.